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Buat Icon dengan Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Icon

How to quickly make a slightly altered looking Adobe CS3 Icon.

Angry Emoticon

Learn about special effects while converting an ordinary orb into a fantasy art piece.

Create a Glossy Home Icon

Learn how to design your very own glossy home icon in Photoshop

Perfect Shine Button or Icon

How to create a cool looking button or an icon to suit your need.

Create a High-Gloss Graduation Hat Icon Design

How to make a professional, shiny, clean graduation hat icon.

Create a Jaguar Style Folder Icon

How to cover an object in a Jaguar style fur texture.

Create A Mockingly Smiley

Simple way to create a glossy mockingly smiley in Photoshop.

Create a Shiny Lock Icon Design

Wherever you wish to place a lock icon, this tutorial will show you how to create an attractive one for you to use!

Create Icons tutorial

Create a glossy looking icons.

Creating a Cool Yellow Helmet Icon

Create a helcom icon from photograph.

Creating an XP Style Monitor Icon

Create a simple monitor icon in that style.

Design a Glossy Download Icon

You want the graphic to be eye-catching, yet smooth and small enough so it doesn’t dominate your layout. This tutorial will teach youhow to create a graphic that does just that.

iTunes Icon in iPhone

This tutorial will show you how to effectively create the iTunes icon found on all iPhones and iPod Touches.

Draw magnifying glass

Learn how to create magnifying glass, which you can use it as button or as icon

Vista Aero Thumbnail Icon

Create the glossy border around most of Vista’s icons.

World Icon Tutorial

Create world icon in Photoshop.

Glossy RSS icon

In this tutorial we are going to create a colorful RSS icon for your blog.

Glowing Orb With Dial

Experimenting with layers and styles to create a cool glowing orb and dial effect.

Home Icon

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a home icon.

How to Make a Folder Icon

Learn how to create a nice folder for your desktop or a website.

Illustrate a Traffic Cone Icon in Photoshop

Drawing a traffic cone, another handy icon for "under construction"

iTunes Icon

The challange of this tutorial is to use various Blending modes and blending techniques to replicate the iTune icon.

Mac Os X Mail Icon Style

Learn how to make the Mac OS X Mail’s icon in a easy way.

Making a Photoshop Shield!

Use the Path Tools in Photoshop to draw a shield-like shape.

Designing a Safety Icon

Design safety icon in Photoshop.

Pyramid Icon Design

How to use your pen tool to create a simple and easy triangular icon design that can be used as your logo or a bulletin.

Custom RSS Feed Icons

Two ways to make your Feed Icons custom.

Photoshop Video Game Mario Icon

How to Create Photoshop Video Game Mario Icon.

Recreate the Famous Yahoo! Smiley

How to recreate the famous Yahoo! smiley face.

Skype Buddy Icon

Learn to draw skype buddy icon with this tutorial.

Skype Logo

Learn how to create in easy steps logo for Skype.

Stylish Search Icon

Learn how to design a professional stylish search icon.

QuickTime Icon

Design Quicktime Icon in Photoshop.

Clock Icon

Create simple clock icon.

Mac Sphere icon

Create Mac Sphere icon.

The Making of an Icon

Insights into the process of making icons.

Creating a clock icon

Yet another clock icon tutorial in Photoshop.

TV Icon

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a tv icon.

Vista Error Icon

How to create Windows Vista icons using a few basic layers, creative layer styles and some web 2.0 gradients.

Vista Firewal Icon

Design a Vista Firewall Icon

XP Style Woman Icon

Learn to draw a xp style woman icon.

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